• Providing Mobility Products to Springfield Illinois

    Whether it’s injury or old age, nobody likes the idea of losing their mobility and independence. With that in mind, it’s time you called your local mobility specialist for the products you need to help you get around the house and around the community much easier. At Get Around 217 Mobility, our team helps provide mobility products to customers in Springfield, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of providing mobility solutions to people that are struggling to maintain their independence. With years of industry experience, count on knowledgeable advice from people that care. Call or visit us today!

    • Mobility Scooters
    • Electric Wheelchairs
    • Lift Chairs
    • Canes
    • Crutches
    • Bariatric Wheelchairs
    • Walkers
    • Wheelchairs
    • Powerchairs
  • Power Scooters

    A power scooter is usually a four-wheeled piece of equipment that has two handlebars and is ridden like a traditional scooter or two-wheeled vehicle – by straddling a single seat that’s configured in the middle of the scooter. These can be hugely beneficial in helping people that are losing their mobility but have the capacity to take part in everyday activities such as grocery shopping and other minor errands.

  • Electric Wheelchairs

    An electric wheelchair is slightly different than a power scooter. Also referred to as a power chair, these mobility vehicles usually involve the use of more wheels, and the configuration is similar to a traditional wheelchair. However, a power chair is controlled by a joystick and adds additional maneuverability for enclosed spaces indoors.

  • Benefits of Power Scooters/Electric Wheel Chairs

    • Provides the ability to perform everyday tasks
    • Makes moving around the home much easier
    • Provides an easier way to leave the home if needed
    • Reduces the time needed for certain tasks
    • Reduces reliance on hired help
    • Reduces the risk of injury from falling
    • More…
  • Canes & Crutches

    While you may be losing your mobility, you may not have a need for a power chair or scooter at this point. For those that are recovering from injury or that need a little help with balance, we provide canes and crutches in a variety of different styles. Our selection features top-quality mobility products that are adjustable to fit any size and weight.

  • Walkers

    A walker is the next step in mobility from canes and crutches. It provides additional support and further reduces the risk that you’ll fall and hurt yourself. Walkers are especially useful on slick and uneven floors where falls are of the greatest frequency. Additionally, it may be possible to utilize a cane to get around outside of the home and a walker for additional support when you’re by yourself at home. However, we suggest that you follow the doctor’s orders.

  • Types of Walkers

    • Sit/Stand Walkers
    • Leg/Knee Walkers
    • Regular Walkers
  • Portable Wheelchair Ramps

    It can be frustrating to navigate the world when some buildings do not accommodate those who need to use wheelchairs or motorized scooters. You shouldn’t have to struggle or worry that any home or business you visit has stairs to the entryway. We offer both portable suitcase ramps and pathway ramps for any accessibility needs.

    • Portable Suitcase Ramps – These lightweight ramps are easy to store and use on-the-go
    • Pathway Ramps – These sturdy ramps are easy to put together and offer a more permanent solution when a portable ramp isn’t sufficient for your needs