• Best Selection of Mobility Accessories in Springfield Illinois

    We offer an excellent selection of high-quality accessories that can help make life easier. The introduction of a power scooter or power chair isn’t always the easiest of transitions, especially for injured peoples that are used to doing things for themselves. With that in mind, our team offers a wide range of accessories that can help with various aspects of life and day-to-day tasks. We provide the following:

    • Grabbers & Reachers
    • Canetips
    • Baskets
  • Grabbers & Reachers

    Have you started to do something only to realize that you can’t actually reach it? Do you struggle to get things off of the floor? When adjusting to a wheelchair, power chair, scooter or some other mobility product, patients may find that they have trouble lifting things off of the ground, bending over for things or standing up straight to reach things on high shelves. With that in mind, we offer heavy-duty reachers that can make almost anything easier.

  • Grabber & Reach Uses

    • Reaching high items
    • Picking up low items
    • Grabbing the mail
    • Reaching light controls, cords and switches
    • Retrieving items from cabinets
    • Reaching the remote
    • Picking up dropped items
    • More…
  • Cane Tips

    When you have trouble getting around, every step matters. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your mobility equipment is outfitted with the stuff needed to make getting around as easy as can be. For those that utilize a cane, we offer a great selection of cane tips that fit all sizes and styles of canes and walkers. Contact our staff about your needs and make every step a sure step with can and walker tips that improve your stability and mobility!

  • Baskets

    Unfortunately, injuries and old age can limit our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be relegated to your home. With walkers, power chairs and wheelchairs, people that utilize mobility tools have even greater access to public and private spaces. With that in mind, we want to make that mobility even easier, and we provide a great selection of baskets that fits all types of mobility chairs and accessories. From various sizes to various colors, we have something that will fit for your:

    • Walker
    • Power Chair
    • Scooter
    • Wheelchair